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Adenomyose- is endometriosis. Today, endometriosis is associated with a woman completely. Only "lazy" gynecologist does not put this diagnosis in almost every case in the treatment of women for medical help. In fact, endometriosis, uterus adenomyosis is a very frequent diagnosis for the modern woman. But what is it? Is it the disease or condition?

We perform the clear diagnosis and staging of the state in order and only in order to reveal the true form of the disease not a state.

The disease requires treatment. The condition requires only observation. But in order to make a clear distinction between these phenomena a sufficient knowledge base and experience is required. 
In fact, the frequency of registration of the state - adenomyosis grows, so any doctor in 100% of cases will say to the patient that she has endometriosis, in 60 - 70% of cases it is next to be right. The conclusion from this is simple. We will hardly be able to beat this problem. Obviously we need to learn to achieve their goals to address the problems of infertility skillfully "maneuvering" between the symptoms and symptom of endometriosis - adenomyosis.

By the way, the exact mechanism of the relationship with disease fertility is not clear. Of the many factors suggested the following group cavitary reasons:

Immunological defects:

autoimmune disorders;

antiendometrial antibodies;

sperm antibodies.

Violation implantation environment

activated macrophages;

Macrophage phagocytosis of spermatozoa to 84% (normally - 43%)

Cytokines influence.


This view is basic to most scientists - experts in the problem.

A large number of factors only prove the clarity of this condition which unfortunately can reduce the effects of ART infertility treatment methods. 

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