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Treatment of the genetic mothers
Treatment of genetic mothers could carry out distantly or in site in Ukraine in the clinic.
We are understandinf the fact that most women requesting surrogacy are normal, apart from not having a uterus or have difficulties with carrying out the pregnancy, the management of their treatment cycles is usually straightforward and could be supervised even distantly. All needed test before treatment you could find in the site.
These patients will usually be treated with a period of long down-regulation with the gonadotropin releasing hormone analogs. After achieving baseline levels, then follicular stimulation with gonadotropins can begin as described ubiquitously.
Usually patients come to the clinic few days before hCG administration with escort of our partners from the branches.
 Vaginal ultrasound oocyte retrieval, fertilization of all oocytes, cultivation in lab and embryos transfer we make us usually, as described ubiquitously.
Test for pregnancy you make at home.
Treatment of the host mother
The host mothers may be treated in one of the two following ways.
Embryo transfer in a natural cycle
This method is considered most suitable for women who have not penetrative unprotected sex or who have been sterilized, or whose husbands have had a vasectomy and who have been confirmed azoospermic. The main factor to decide this type of protocol is guarantee of no  risk to themselves of conceiving in the IVF surrogacy cycle. Actually only well-motivated hosts have been treated in natural cycles.
Embryo transfer in a hormone-controlled cycle the most frequent with precycle down regulation.
Control of the host’s replacement cycle by down- regulation with a gonadotropin releasing hormone analog and replacement estrogen therapy, as described ubiquitously. This type of cycles  may be recommended for at least few main reasons:
(1)  If the menstrual cycles of the host are irregular, 
(2) If their menstrual cycles are found not to be ovulating regularly
 (3 ) If luteal phase insufficiency is suspected; 
(4)  If the host is fertile and we have to be sure in “no conceiving“ during the cycle.
(5) If the treatment carrying out distantly, like in all our cases. 
The preparation and treatment of couples for treatment by IVF surrogacy is very similar to that practiced by other centers as described ubiquitously.
 All the procedures are as for rutine IVF cycles, but with transfer of the embryos to another woman, who has been suitably prepared in a hormone-controlled cycle the most frequent with pre-cycle down regulation.

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