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As we have said, a major role in ART plays hysteroscopy surgery. The experience in operations led to the sum of information, united by a common section uterine infertility.

What is the first thing we can learn in the performance of hysteroscopy - in the literal translation - the examination of the uterine cavity. First of all, we can confirm that the cavity of the uterus, the endometrium, the mouth of the fallopian tubes and cervix are characterized as normal, without any pathological signs.  Obtaining such results of hysteroscopy often confirms that with the women who have problems with the onset of pregnancy  there are others, deeper disorder or features that may involve more serious research such as immunologic (link to the immunology), cytogenetic (link to the genetics), molecular biology (link to the genetics), electron microscopy, laser scanning and other studies.

In this case, the receipt of normal results is not always a reason for termination of diagnostic search with the promise that is not efficient use of assisted reproduction techniques is due to simple failures.

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