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Adhesions of the uterus as intrauterine pathology is a big problem. More recently, intrauterine adhesions occurred primarily when women with secondary infertility, that is, more often after curettage of the uterus during pregnancy, which develops or interruption of the latter. Today we confidently can say that intrauterine adhesions are registered already as an inexplicable phenomenon when women with primary infertility.

Adhesive or sclerotic process of the uterine cavity in the absence of pregnancy remains a lot of "discovery" of the phenomenon in the past today for hysteroscopy. This process we find exactly where is not expected. Age of this disease is reduced even about young women with conception of difficulty we do not register this rare disease.

In such a case requires hard work to remove adhesions and a set of measures to prevent their occurrence in the future.

We have convincing experience in solving these problems.

In the case of diagnosis of uterine cavity adhesions process (adhesions adhesions), we make a clear differentiation in groups and they account for five classes with the two clinical variants of each.

For each form of the disease we develop customized therapeutic measures for the treatment and prevention of these conditions.

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