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In our practice, all genetic couples are referred by their local consultant who have experience in infertility problems and in IVF practice in our local branches in some countries in Europe. First step on this way to make preselecting for this treatment. Usually the genetic couple are seen alone in looking for the first instance for IVF surrogacy, and usually they have a lt of difficulties on this way firstly to understanding of all the medical aspects of the treatment. 
Second step is to select surrogate host. It is could takes few weeks or months. 
When the genetic couple have found someone they believe will be a suitable host Thereafter partners are interviewed at length and a full explanation of the all next steps on a way for dreamed baby.
The role of counseling in our branches or in our clinic  in surrogacy is to help to understanding all parties and prepare all parties contemplating this last-resort treatment with IVF surrogacy.
 Our counsultants gives you also all ensures that all parties to the arrangement are confident and comfortable with their decisions because there are very many issues that must be discussed with both the genetic couple and the proposed host surrogate. This is small list of questions: finding their own host in Ukraine; discuss practical difficulties and cost of treatment by gestational surrogacy in view of medical and psychological risks of surrogacy and of course of potential psychological risk to the child; ways of collaboration with multiple pregnancy; what handicaps could have possibility during pregnancy and after delivery; of course, we discuss possibility that the host may wish to retain the child after birth and we explain that the risk of retaintion of children in Ukraine in cases like this still are the least around the world.
 And we not tired to tell about all legality of IVF surrogacy in Ukraine. 

Counseling of couples about surrogacy in Ukraine in our own practice invariably has taken place in the homes of the genetic couples or in the office in the countries where we have branches and  by an independent fertility counselor to the Materi clinic. Counselingt often could takes several hours and frequently several visits. 
We discuss questions if treatment fails.
Due to situation with treatment of infertility in the Europe not rare we talk about egg donation.

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