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In the structure of uterine infertility is considered a range of both isolated and complex disorders uterine function. We list the main forms.

For example, the functional uterine disperistaltics- cider, for which defined ejection of embryos from the uterus. In the foreign literature it is called Pushing syndrom: there are opinions that it can reach 38% in individual groups.

Pushing the embryos we mark not only in the presence of uterine pathology, which we shall discuss below. In fact, sometimes when performing, we register an increased uterine contractility routine surgery hysteroscopy. There are special techniques of provocation. This diagnosis makes necessary the use of a number of preventive measures to ensure that after the transfer of embryos, they were not pushed uterus.

If we talk about a syndrome of pushing, the more we can assume later kinds as identification during surgery of congenital anomalies or acquired pathologies such as polyps or fibroids are associated with frequent failures because of problems with implantation, namely the expulsion of the embryo from the uterus.  
Nodosum uterine fibroid 
Nodosum uterine fibroid determined in 25-40% women of reproductive age. Reproductive problems often involve so-called submucous myoma (fibroid or even say). In this case, the tumor is located or in the uterus or uterine cavity deforms, which in its turn reduces the volume of the cavity, gives rhythm uterine muscle contractions fibers gives parameters themselves uterine muscles, changing the vector of the uterine contractions.

Also often myoma (fibromatous) nodes affects the location of the blood vessels, namely, enriching blood fibromatous node is not the depletion of rare-robbing lining of the uterus. It leads to disruption of the blood supply to the uterus.

Today, more and more deals with violations of local immunity of the uterus and endometrium.

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