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The IVF surrogacy is now an accepted form of medical treatment in the world.
But this type of treatment is still suitable for a small group of infertile women with unique causes of their infertility.
Although IVF surrogacy remains controversial and is not practiced in many European countries.
The indications for treatment are limited but remain strong enough to a small group.
The treatment process is in itself straightforward. 
In a normal stimulated IVF cycle, any embryos fertilized cultivate and transferred to the host uterus. Possibly any (all) embryos are frozen and later transferred to a selected surrogate host.
Actually if we use fresh embryos in IVF surrogacy cycle we get mach more better outcome of treatment.
 Embryos could be created from freshly collected oocytes fertilized with beforehand frozen sperm of husbents.
The biggest substantial disadvantage is that some families are unable to find appropriate hosts at all, and are therefore denied the opportunity to treatment.

During the past 25 years of IVF surrogacies have no serious clinical, ethical or legal problems have been encountered. 
A minor problem encountered because the most of them  caused by the arrangement frequently have had unreasonably high expectations of success.
C being provided to them. 
Afterword, actually the host is fit, young and known to be fertile.
Thay and the genetic parents expect success more than all other outcomes and feel badly let down if this is not achieved.

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